Richard Harris International Film Festival by Kevin Pontuti

A wonderful, wonderful festival. Like Ireland—just magical.


When I was a student, I spent a semester in Limerick, Ireland. I had been floundering in school, switching majors every year and searching for something. That semester abroad was a transformational experience. When I returned to the US that spring, I decided to take a couple art classes... Imagine the thrill yesterday when I heard news that our film VANITA was selected for the Richard Harris International Film Festival (in Limerick). Thank you RHIFF. —Kevin Pontuti

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PiGrecoZen Film Festival by Kevin Pontuti

We had a great trip to ANCONA Italy for the PiGrecoZen Film Festival. 

We screened all three films in the Poetry of Penance series—ONERE, PESCARE and VANITA—and Kevin presented a three hour masterclass that showcased his creative process. 

Festival Director Max Miecchi and Kevin were interviewed by RAI TV about the festival and Kevin's masterclass.